Matt and Molly came to me earlier this year for help with their honeymoon to San Francisco and the Napa Valley. I gave them a personal consultation, listened to their needs, and began the planning process by selecting hotels, flights, and transportation options that worked with their trip dates, budget, and travel style. I then devised a travel plan that took them to offbeat wineries, through stunning areas of natural beauty, and to some of the best culinary spots in and around the Valley. Once the details of the plan had been finalized, I brought it to life with color photos and fun travel tips. The result is a completely personalized travel guidebook that they can take along with them on their trip to Napa.

The snapshots below show the plan for day one of their trip, along with the corresponding route map. The PDF of the complete itinerary can be found here: Matt-and-Molly-California-Honeymoon-2014